A Black chinned hummingbird at the feeder III   A Male Black Chinned Hummingbird

   This is a website dedicated to helping children and adults begin Bird Watching

  • Learn to enjoy looking at our feathered friends around your own home
  • Learn to ID birds and wow your friends
  • Learn what birds do all day long and how to provide food, water and shelter for them
  • Learn what birds tell us about our air, water, land and trees

Bird Watching is fun and beginning is really easy. Just take a few minutes to learn the basic steps. Once you have learned the basics, Bird Watching is a sport you can enjoy for the rest of your life. The rewards just continue to increase year after year. It is equally enjoyable to 6 year olds and 66 year olds. It is a skill that will stay with you.

First of all, what is Bird Watching? It is looking at birds that are free and flying about at will. It is not looking at birds in cages or in captivity. By spending a little time at this web site, you can learn the Basics of Bird Watching, How to Get Started, How to use Bird Watching Binoculars, How to buy Bird Watching Binoculars and Bird Books, How to Attract more Birds to your Backyard and much more.

Bird Watching is about observing birds that fly around our homes, our schools, our parks and our woods. Birds are colorful, they sing, they fly and look happy as they go about their daily tasks. Bird Watching helps us celebrate life and teaches us how to be happy and have fun in our everyday activities. Learning to identify birds and learning about their behaviors helps us understand them. Additionally we learn about the health of our air, land, water and trees from how well the birds are doing.